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Deepen self knowledge. Become more centered and balanced.

Cultivate your relationship to yourself and carve out your place in the world.

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Classes below with Ann Watkins MA DMT PCETI LMT
Approved provider of original bodywork and movement classes through NCBTMB
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Owner of New Harmony Therapeutic Massage and Somatic Body Work 

7 Week Chakra Mini Series: Includes Conscious Anatomy™ Sample Class

Cultivate grounding through your chakras and become your own master.

If you want some fun and healing ways to work with your chakras, this is a great place to start.

When you sign up, please subscribe so I can send you updates. And enjoy the sample class from Bones Planes and Directions.

This course is a series of PDFs. Chakra Basics provides essential information about that chakra. The Homework/Discussion section provides ways to practice working with each chakra for practice. Each chakra basics and homework will be delivered 7 days after the last. 

Go to "My Library" at the top right of your dashbooard to access the classes once you have signed up below.  Each chakra lesson shows up in your library a week after the previous one. Practice in between.  You will have free access to this course for the life of the course through this website.  Feel free to leave comments and questions for me at the bottom of each lesson.

This series is a useful foundation for Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions and the for Muscles and Attachments. For movement and manual therapists this is a useful beginning foundation to my Reactive Triads and Conscious Anatomy courses. Each course is worth 24 CE credits through NCBTMB. I am an approved provider.

 Clear out the muck and blossom into a new, energized you.

This PDF program with a preliminary class from Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions is complimentary.  Let's get to know each other. A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met yet. Contact me at [email protected]

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Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions

 GREAT NEWS! I am now a Board Certified Approved Provider of Continuing Education through NCBTMB; gather those CEs with my upcoming courses.

Ease into your body, your joy, and a deeper understanding of yourself, anatomy and your well being.

 Experience self care that deepens your knowledge of anatomy.  Hone your skills with anatomy while you decrease pain and increase range of motion; soak up anatomy terms and concepts. Process grief, anxiety, depression (not a replacement for therapy, but often therapeutic) and bring more harmony to yourself and the whole world. Bring yourself to a whole new level through this "sublime, insightful, anatomy framed, body mind spirit opening" course series.

Conscious Anatomy is especially for Manual and Movement Therapists and everyone who wants to experience anatomy from the inside out with body mind spirit integration. A unique approach to processing somatic  and energetic issues in your tissues. Decreases anxiety.

Scroll down for a brief video introduction to Conscious Anatomy™ Movement. Bones Planes and Directions is always available as an on line drip course when you sign up below, soon to be followed by Muscles and Attachments. 

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Conscious Anatomy™ Muscles and Attachments

 The next step after taking Conscious Anatomy Bones Planes and Directions is to take the first level of Conscious AnatomyMuscles and Attachments. Continue the process as you blossom into more of you and absorb more tools to bring you and your clients into enhanced self healing with your new skills and your deeper understanding of anatomy.

You will have a personal experience of how anatomy terms and concepts function in your living moving body.  You will learn detailed firing sequences of muscles while engaging in whole body movement. Become intimate with your somatic and energy bodies for super healing skills while you increase your knowledge of  anatomy and resolve anxiety, pain, headaches.

I've had clients become body workers in response to studying Conscious Anatomy™ Movement and clients have gained a new level of healing in their bodies.  Coupled with Reactive Triads™ Body Work, chronic pain begins to recede.

Discover health and healing in your body while cultivating anatomy at your fingertips.

Conscious Anatomy™Muscles and Attachments will soon be available as an on line course series. I am busy editing the final levels and will soon be shooting and editing the videos. Stay tuned and go ahead and take Bones Planes and Directions at your own pace.

Reactive Triads™ Body Work DVD and Trainings

 Reactive Triads™Bodywork course in person June 2-5, 2024.  Copy paste for offer details:

Experience the innovative cutting edge work of Ann Watkins that will revolutionize your practice and give you the tools to create a brilliant niche for yourself in the world of body work.  In person classes available with continuing ed credits coming in September 2024..

Reactive Triads™ uses muscle testing to determine muscles that are inhibited from firing properly in sequence. We use various techniques to release the inhibition and retest to activate the indicated muscles. This re-patterns the misfiring that is causing intermittent and chronic pain. The result is postural corrective, increased range of motion, decreased or eliminated pain and improved health and well being. Take the first step in learning this amazing work. Invest in Ann's DVD set of original work with 6 additional practice videos as a prerequisite to taking Basics and Subtlties of Muscle Testing: the first of 4 courses.avaialble with CEs.

"My massage therapist is better than yours!".   I have literally had clients relay these conversations to  me that they have had at parties they've attended.

 Expose yourself now to this cutting edge body work and take a live in person course with me.  Please subscribe to this website at the bottom of this page so I can stay in touch with you.  A free course and class comes with it. Or purchase my DVD with soon to be included workbook.

Invest in yourself and take your career to the next level.  Become world class. Take an in person course in 2024.

Start with my DVD and 6 practice videos in preparation for Reactive Triads™ Body Work: The Basics and Subtleties of Muscle Testing. 24 CE credits through NCBTMB. Invite a friend for an in person course: minimum 2 students, max 6. Contact me at [email protected]. Let's talk and see if this is a good fit for you.

Click here for DVD offer with 6 additional practice videos.

Conscious Anatomy™

Scroll up to sign up. And note to return to this website please use For the intelligent Manual and Movement Practitioner or others interested in listening deeply to their body to process anxiety, grief, depression and learn anatomy at the same time. Conscious Anatomy™ is a great opportunity for you to hone your anatomy skills and cultivate tools to grow your practice while you and your clients blossom. It is awesome for self care as you keep yourself healthy and learn how anatomy functions in your living, moving body. Check out my video below.


Conscious Anatomy™ Bones Planes and Directions video with student comments

with Ann Watkins MA DMT LMT

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