Reactive Triads™Bodywork

 Lymph and Mixed Triads

This 2 day module will focus on the relationship between the feet, toes and neck

Solve your clients' pain problems and revel in the results you'll get using this bodywork.

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I have room for 4 people at a nominal cost. 

Small classes for unparalleled learning through individualized teaching. 

This 2 day course can include a review option the day before as well as a bonus DVD course.


Sarah P.

 Job Title: Educator and LMT

 "Thank you so much! While I will continue to take courses to hone and refine my skills and knowledge, I will apply all the skills and knowledge from this course to my practice."


Claire B

Job Title: LMT PT

"This work is invaluable; on the cutting edge of body work. Ann is a true creative genius and a pioneer in this field."


Sandy B

Job Title: yoga teacher LMT

"This course motivated me to want to learn more...I would defiitely recommend it to my colleagues."


Holly P

Job Title: owner of Everything Zen LMT

"I now have a new skill set to unlock patterns of muscular pain that I never could have achieved without taking this course."

Reactive Triads™ Lymph and Mixed Triads

Feel the excitement of solving your clients' pain problems and thrive in building your practice with a cutting edge skill set. This course Jun. 2-4,2024 is focused on the relationship between the feet, toes and neck.

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